Monday, January 11, 2016

Too Much Fun with the New Camera

     Well this week was pretty intense. First off I did buy a new camera and its soooooo amazing and it only cost me a 1000 quetz. So this camera is touch screen and the screen on back can flip up like a cell phone to take selfies so I've got a ton of selfies for you. It's got a  ton of settings too which just makes the camera super fun. So ya, getting my camera stolen was probably a really good thing. I took like 70 some odd pictures this week so I'm pretty sure in my last 6 month I'll have more pictures than in the first 18. Monday we really didn't do much, just kind of sat around and relaxed in the chapel. Tuesday was pretty normal.  We had our district councils and all that jazz.  Wednesday we were on Divis.   I was with an Elder from ..... and you know how those elders are but we had a really good day and found some really promising investigators which is always a huge blessing.  Thursday  I was with my comp and its a little bit harder when I'm with him because he's dying but he's still doing a great job and working hard.  Friday was divisions again and I was with another .......... and man it was a little bit harder. This ......... is the oldest missionary in the mission with a whopping 27 years and he acts it. He's probably the most boring missionary I have ever been with but we had a really good day that day too. Saturday we had interviews with President Caffaro and they went really well. I got a lot of complements and figured out that President is super close to sending like half the missionaries in my zone home so I have a lot of work to do. The good news is that our zone is doing much better than when I got here. The missionaries are working much harder and we're seeing a lot more miracles than we were before. We've been seeing a lot more miracles in our area too.   We've been finding lots of people that love the gospel and progress super easy. Like they read the folletos and pray and they want to go to church, its amazing. Well I love you guys and I'm sorry my emails are getting shorter but I just feel like I don't have as much to tell you anymore. Dad to answer your questions we have mission council once a month, which is just the zone leaders and president where we talk about the mission and things we can do better. Then after every mission council we have zone council where we pretty much just tell everyone what was said in the mission council and district councils happen every week. I'm still writing in my journal every day so I've got everything there for you to read when I get home. Love you guys a ton and hope you have a great week. Love Connor

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