Monday, January 4, 2016


     Alright, I've  got some good news and some bad news. First off, we are now in 2016 or the year that I will come home. Okay the bad news is that last Monday I had my camera stolen, but before you go crazy thinking I was robbed at gunpoint or something crazy like that let me tell you the story. So we were all at the stake center Monday playing games and everything, having a good time with almost the entire zone.  One companionship was having an activity with their recent converts and they left a side door to the church open. So some people passed by, walked in, and found our bags and took everything out of them. By the time we saw them, they were taking off so we couldn't catch them. It sucked and we all got really mad at the Elders that did the activity because the people walked right past them and the missionaries welcomed them into the building and so ya. In all three cameras were taken and 100 quetz. Other than that my week was awesome. We had a baptism and mission council and both were awesome. We won the week too! To win the week you have to have one baptism, 8 fechas, 5 investigators in sacrament meeting, and 10 investigators progressing. It was pretty hard but we did it, and president put our names in his weekly email to the entire mission. Our baptism that we had was pretty much a gift. It was a little girl that just turned nine and her parents are both active members of the church. They were just busy last year when she turned 8 and never got around to baptizing her.  We really didn't need to teach her anything. Sunday we found an amazing investigator named Samuel. It was like our third time teaching him, He's the husband of a member of our ward, but the thing is that he was totally prepared by God to listen to us. He answered all the questions perfectly and I thought that he was really a member and that he was lying to us but he's not. He's just perfectly prepared for us to teach him. We have quite a few other investigators that are doing well and I think well probably have like 3 or 4 baptisms this month. Dad we had 6 investigators in Church yesterday which was pretty good. I promise I'm staying obedient dad although there is a little bit of a problem with that in the zone right now but I'm taking care of it and its already a lot less than when I came. Well I love you guys a ton and hope you're all having fun at school and work right now. Love Connor. 

                     New Year's Fireworks, baptism, the great letter, and I don't know what else.

                                                                Elder Antonio

                                                        Elder Ngungutau Elder Weight
                                                                Elder Antonio Marvin Ovalle

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  1. So how did he get you these pics if his camera was stolen? Is this the first time he's had something stolen?