Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feb 8 2016

    Alright so this week has been pretty darn fantastic. My new comp in Elder Galicia. He's a new zone leader so I've got to teach him about all the stuff he has to do as a ZL. He's from El Salvador but he's cool and I don't think we'll have any problems like I did with my last comps from El Salvador. So on Monday we played soccer and then I spent the entire day with Elder Ngungutau and Elder Weight. We stayed up until like 12 just talking about the changes and eating a ton of pizza. I don't think I've told you guys this yet, but Elder Ngungutau and Elder Weight have taught me how to play a couple of songs on the ukulele so I've been practicing that a lot. Mom to answer your questions, I haven't gotten your package yet and as far as I know President hasn't gotten his t shirt yet. I did order my suit but I haven't payed for it yet. I'll get it in a couple months when I'm finishing, maybe in May.  Tuesday we had the changes and everything. My comp showed up pretty early and then we got to work like any other day. Wednesday we saw miracles.  We were working in Sector 2 and I've always had a negative attitude about that sector because we never have lessons and we don't  have any investigators and all that garbage. But Wednesday I decided to change my attitude and work with lots of faith and we were able to see lots of blessings. We were able to find a bunch of new invetigators. It was a huge testimony builder for me and really helped me see the power that my faith and my attitude can have on our area. Thursday we had the mission council which went really well. We did much better this month as a mission, so president was really happy with us. So ya that was my week sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun skiing and playing Basketball all the time. Its crazy that Kenna is going into the young women this year. I cant believe shes so old already. Well love you all a ton and hope you have another great week. Love Connor

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