Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The First Week

     Holy cow this has been the longest and the shortest week of my life. The first few days were really hard.   I missed you guys so much and there is so much i need to tell you. We got a nap the first day which was awesome but now its just been classes for 15 hours everyday, yuck. The food here is amazing. I'm still not eating much for breakfast but the rest of the meals I eat a ton. My companion is from Utah and his name is Elder Mattson. He's a quiet guy but we get along pretty well. I got made the district leader so that's fun.I have to go to a district meeting every Sunday and make sure my elders are following the rules but there isn't really very much I have to do. By the way my p day may not always be Tuesday.  It could switch weekly to either a Wednesday or a Thursday
     We do language study all day with only an hour of sports time. The CCM is pretty much like God's prison. The first day they shaved all our heads and the basketball courts are straight out of a prison yard. There are armed guards all the way around the CCM and we're only allowed to leave when we go to the temple and on market days which will  probably be in 3 weeks.
      The language is not coming easy and its kind of frustrating. We had to teach an investigator on the second day we were here and we've had to teach everyday since then. Tomorrow we can't use notes and tha'ts scary. I was super home sick and discouraged but 'Ive turned my attitude around and now I'm doing good. We had an elder in my district that was constipated for the first week and it wasn't pretty.  Another one of my elders accidentally wandered into the girls hallway and got in big trouble.
      The lord has blessed me so much this week with small and simple things and its amazing to see how much he loves me. My district is amazing and I love them so much. The coolest experience we had this week was on Sunday a couple of the elders were really down so they asked for blessing to help them out. I got one and Elder Mattson said exactly what I needed to hear. It was simply amazing. Kenna, I got your letter and It almost made me cry. I will miss watching movies with you too. Katie your letter got me too, but Chase's wasn't even close. The Obagy's package came Friday, so that's about how long it takes for them to get here. I haven't received your letter yet mom.  I just want to get out in the mission field and out of this place but I've got to learn. It was great to get to go to the temple today.  Luckily the session was in English so we could understand. I love you all and miss you soooo much. Love Elder Wallace. 

P.S. Sorry no pictures they took away our cameras.

Con sent this second email with some things for forgot in the first one

A brief description of my companion is that he is 6 foot 4 and covered in muscles. The weather here has been great. It gets pretty hot during the afternoon but not any worse than anything in Utah. Its rained a couple of times and when it rains here, it rains hard, I love it. My teachers are all great and I enjoy learning form them. 

I flew ouy of Salt Lake with about 30 other missionaries and then we picked up about 10 more in L.A. so we had a pretty big group flying out. The flight was really long but I slept for most of it. 
                                                                                              Love Connor

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