Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 3 MTC, more of the same

                                      Connor's MTC group.  He is 5th from the left, back row
     I'm honestly running out of stuff to write you because not that much happens here. This week president cox came back. Hes the president of the CCM but he was gone due to health problems. He's a super laid back guy and all the elders love him. It was his birthday so during lunch we had some cake and a mariache band. My companion is pretty good the only thing I can complain about it that he calls me an idiot all the time but i know its out of love so I don't let it bother me to bad. The best thing I've eaten so far is impossible to decide. They have so much good food here. the fruit in the cafeteria is pretty amazing and the meals are all incredible. We have eggs every morning without fail. They usually have all sorts of different stuff on them but its still eggs every day. Mom you'll be happy to know that since being here I have developed a like of guacamole. They serve it quite often and so I started eating it and guess what? Its pretty good. My Jolly Ranchers are my salvation. I would fall asleep in class every single day if I didn't have them. Haven't done any tie exchanges although we had a latino in our room who wanted to trade really bad but i wasn't willing to give up any of my ties. Health's been good I haven't had any stomach or bathroom problems. I think this is probably one of the healthiest time of my life. I still don't think I've gained any weight but I haven't lost any either so that's good. This computer is driving me crazy right now becuase Its set in spanish so its says all of my words are spelled wrong. I keep forgeting to tell you about the great and spacious building we have next door. Its this little resturant bar club thing that plays music all the time. The first week we were here it played everynight and it was loud so we didnt really sleep very well. They haven't played nearly as much since then and the Elders in my district look forward to the nights they play because they play a lot of american music and that's one thing we all really miss.

                 This is Con's district in the MTC
       Our teachers only speak to us in spanish and Its pretty rough. Hope you guys are liking all the rain you're getting it rains here all the time. We have two investigators both of them are our teachers one of them is super hard and its a little discouraging but i know that's how it will really be in the mission field so I appreciate it. The other one is really good we have a baptism commitment out of her and that's a great feeling.  Yesterday one of the new guys in my room had to get new sheets becasue there were bugs in his last ones so now I'm paraniod our room is infested...

     Yesterday the elder who is having a hard time with spanish asked my teacher if he was texting little girls during class and the teacher looked really offended for a second then we all teased him about it. There are lots of little stories like that. Ya we went to the temple today and it was probably the best temple visit I've had so far. Okay thanks. I was hoping I would get you a picture of my district but they didn't send them to us. Everything is going good here and I cant complain about anything.

     Last week I got to go to a couple of stores in this mall type place.  I only bought some candy but it was pretty cool to get outside and see even just a little bit of the culture.  I think that everything here is a bit more expensive but not by very much.  I don't think I'll have a problem getting anything I need because I'm in the city.  Mom, I saw peanut butter today.  I can't even begin to tell you how much the lord has helped me since I've been out here.  Everytime I feel down he always lifts me up even higher than I was before.  I've been able to see his hand in my life everyday.  My testimony is constantly growing and I know I won't be the same person when I come home

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