Monday, May 18, 2015

     Well its been another pretty good week for me.  Monday, we went the zona 15 and went bowling and played pool which was really fun. I have no clue how but somehow I won and ya. After we went bowling, we went to this place that sells really cheap soccer jerseys which was fantastic because I've been wanting to buy one but everywhere close sells them for super expensive. It cost 80 quets which is like 10 dollars, which is a really good deal. It's a sweet Barcelona jersey because they have become my favorite team. Tuesday I was on divisions with Elder Hart, which was pretty fun.   I cant remember anything great happening.   Wednesday was super hot which sucks because this is supposedly the rainy season but its been super duper hot which really sucks. Thursday I did divisions with Elder Hurst and Elder Ogden which was very interesting.  I got along with them really well and we had a pretty fun day. Elder Hurst dies in one week and he's getting pretty baggy contacting all the girls in the street, which I encourage because he has to start practicing now so he can do it when he gets home. Um Friday it finally rained and we had interviews with President which were awesome. Hna Caffaro told us she is going to make a book for all the missionaries that has on one page their picture and on the other a bunch of cool spiritual experiences that she's going to ask for every time we have interviews.  My interview with President went really well and I was able to learn a ton of stuff. It rained Friday like I said and I got to use this sweet jacket that some members lent us awhile ago, but I ditched it about half way through the day and then it rained again in the night and I had to use a Hello Kitty umbrella that another member loaned me. Saturday it rained as well and Sunday too. Sunday Milton, our recent convert, left ( I think hes means went contacting) with us and he really liked it. When he contacts he introduces us and then tells the people we're missionaries and if they tell him they're of a different faith he's just like, oh alright, see ya and leaves. It was super funny. We had a super awesome lesson with an investigator who is pretty much a member about the Book of Mormon.  Her husband asked where the plates are now and we told him an angel took them up into heaven. Then the investigator says to us," I feel like we still have the plates, that every person in the world who owns a book of Mormon has the plates. The only difference is that its paper instead of gold  but what it contains is the same. It was a super cool moment for me because I had never thought of the BofM that way, but it helped me see it in a new way with more value. Anyway that was pretty much my week, I love you guys a ton and hope you have tons of fun doing crazy things this week. Love Connor

I forgot to tell you that I got my birthday package this week which was awesome. I loved all the things you put in there. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the water balloons but I have already used a couple on dogs which was pretty fun. The other pictures are of my sweet awesome rain jacket. 

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