Monday, May 4, 2015

     Well this has been another fantastic week. The hightlight was easily the baptism we had and then the rain that finally came as well. It rained like 3 days in a row and it rained hard which was awesome. The first day it rained was Wednesday, I'm pretty sure and we were out contacting. When we left in the morning, it was nice and sunny and hot and I thought there's no way its going to rain, there's not a cloud in the sky but then when we left after lunch it was a little bit cloudy and started to rain a little bit later. That day we didn't have umbrellas and then the next day I was on divisions with the Zone Leaders and didn't have an umbrella either and then on Friday I didn't have an umbrella either so I passed about 3 days super soaking wet but super happy. We're finally in the rainy season and so it should rain everyday for about six months which will be awesome. Other than that, the baptism went really well. There weren't very many people there, but that's pretty normal for us. I was the one that Milton wanted to do the baptism, so that was pretty cool. Um, the divisions were pretty fun with Elder Hart, the zone leader.  We got super wet but still got our goal of 80 contacts which was really awesome because its super hard to contact when its raining. The divisons with the other elders in our ward was the best. I was with Elder Hurst on Friday and Friday was the day that his ex girlfriend was getting married so he was a little bit sad. That  night we talked about how they met and then we burned a ton of photos and letters he still had from her. It was  a ton of fun and we started a huge fire inside there house before we had the brilliant Idea to move outside and burn them there, so ya the entire house smelled like smoke and  it was terrible. Just because I just remembered, I will be calling Sunday around 5, so mom you can go to church and teach your lesson. Umm apart from all that, I don't think there was anything else really memorable that happened this week. I got our my squirt guns this week and my comp has been having a great time shooting me with those so ya

     Anyway I love you all a ton and Ill talk to you on Sunday, start thinking of lots of questions to ask me so we will have something to talk about. Love you. Love Connor

                              Pictures from Milton's baptism.  Con didn't tell me who anyone else was.

Elder Buchanan

                                                         Elder De Leon

This is me cooking a small child It was really tasty. JK its the daughter of a recent convert in our ward. 

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