Monday, May 25, 2015

     Well your prayers have been answered and tomorrow I have changes.  I'm both happy and sad about that. Sad because I have to say goodbye to so many people and happy because I'm going to a new area, which will be really nice to have some new doors to knock. The people that I don't want to say goodbye to are the family Estacuy and Milton. We're going to eat lunch with Milton today and dinner with the Estacuys but I don't think I'll be able to eat anything because  I've been an little bit sick and now I'm nervous about the changes.  You all know how my stomach is when I'm nervous. Dad, now that I'm a missionary I can understand why you hate packing so much.  Its the worst. You have so much to pack as a missionary. Okay day by day. Monday it rained super hard so we didn't play soccer, Instead we went around and looked for ties in all the clothes shops. I was able to find a really really cool one. Tuesday, we had to work in one of our sectors that sucks. We literally have no one in that sector and everytime we work in it is a trial of my faith but now I don't have to worry about it. Wednesday, I got to do two baptismal interviews which was great, They were both really awesome and the interviews went fantastic. As a district we had 3 baptisms this weekend which is really awesome. Um Thursday, we did divisions with Guajitos or Elder Cruz and Elder Neal.  They're both doing good. So something fun that we did this week was sing in church. We have this member of our ward who is this crazy piano playing genius and he was all like you guys should sing for Elder Hursts last Sunday, so we sang. We sang I'm Trying to be Like Jesus in a pretty cool arrangement. We practiced with him quite a few times and I think it went pretty well when we sang, but I'm not sure and nobody is going to tell us we sucked so I guess well never know. Friday we were in la Justo again which was rough again and so ya. Saturday we had a really good day, and that was great. We're teaching this family, the Familia Moralez Avac and they're amazing.  They came to church for the first time Sunday,  which was fantastic.   Also on Sunday,  we left with Milton again, which was fun although we didn't teach that much. Anyway next week I'll send you lots of pictures of my new comp and house and area if I can. Oh and by the way look for a surprise from me this week.  Happy birthday Kenna! You're the best and I hope you have a fantastic day. I cant wait to hear all about it.  Love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week. Love Connor 

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