Monday, April 27, 2015

Hola Familia, como esta? This week was pretty normal I guess, I can't remember anything really fun happening but I'll do my best to remember some things for you guys. Okay so last Monday I did a ton of walking. We had to go buy bus cards for the kids in the district so we went to the only place we know that sells them and their freakin system wasn't working. They told us there was another place just a little ways down the road. Well, we walked a solid half hour down the road before we finally found this place where they sell the bus cards. After that we played soccer of course. It was crazy hot and it really sucked because its not only hot but really humid as well so I've been sweating like crazy this week. Monday was also Elder Hurst's birthday and the zone leaderls bought cake so that was pretty fun. Tuesday was pretty normal, the district counsel and then the normal stuff that happens on Tuesday.  Wednesday we didn't do anything either I don't think. On Thursday, I had divisions with the new ZL , Elder Gudiel, He's got about the same time as I do and he walks at light speed, I swear. I was having a pretty hard time keeping up with him. The reason we did divisions was for a baptismal interview, but Milton wasn't able to pass because hes been drinking coffee but this Saturday, he will get baptized for sure. Um, Friday, we did divisions with Elder Cruz and Elder Henderson who is fresh out of the CCM. It was pretty fun. Elder  is having a hard time working, he's got like 14 months and he is just really homesick.  I've done everything I can to help him but I think the best thing for him will just being with a greenie all the time.  Friday morning before we finished divisions my comp decided that it would be a good idea to go get his toe operated on by a sister in the ward. So when we showed up, he had his foot all wrapped up in gauze and all that crap. He just had  some ingrown toenails but apparently it hurt really bad, so he had this lady cut them out.   Hes' been able to work this week so all is well. Saturday and Sunday were normal except for the fact that they had me give a talk Sunday with like 20 minutes warning.   Luckily there weren't many people in church yesterday. 

     Elder Ngungutaus spanish had it had gotten a ton better by the time he left.   Right now he's with an Elder from my group, Elder Fisher from Canada.  My comp being from Guatemala is pretty cool because he's been able to teach me some cultural stuff and it makes it really easy for him to bond with the people. I think thats about it for my week. I love you all a ton and hope you don't get sick again. Love Connor
                                                       Con and his new comp Elder De Leon

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