Monday, April 6, 2015

     This week was pretty slow but really fun. Like I've told you before it was Semmana Santa so there were a lot of people that weren't home and everyone that was home didn't really want to talk to us or were drunk. On Monday we played soccer of course. Then on Tuesday we went and worked.  I don't think anything happened that I can remember. Wednesday we had divisions with the zone leaders which was so much fun. I was with the zone leader that's about to go home but has been in his house for about two weeks now. It was a little hard to get him to go out and work but we had a really good day and found a really nice family. There was a family that was going to make us egg cakes but they didn't have time to go out and buy the stuff so they didn't make any for us. On Thursday we had the opportunity of doing divisions with the assistants. It was kind of scary because on Tuesday, I think, they called us and said they would do divisions with us.   This was weird because they never do divisions with us but it was really fun and we were both able to learn a lot of stuff from them. Friday was the worst day by far.  Nobody was home and we just contacted all day. In the night we had a Family Home Evening with a bunch of families in the ward and it was really cool.  We just talked about the atonement which was really cool. We watched the newest video that the church has made which was really cool. Saturday and Sunday was just conferences all day long but they were sooooooo good. I was able to learn so much and receive so much revelation. All the gringos were together in one room of course which was really fun.  We ate a ton of pizza for lunch and just hung out. After the afternoon session on Saturday we all went and bought ice cream which was super good. 

     All the buildings in the city are colorful.   All the houses are all different colors and they're all super fun bright colors. Fast offerings are a huge blessing here.  They help so many people and bless the lives of many. 

I love you all a ton and hope you have a great time on my birthday I have no clue where you should go eat you can let dad decide. Hope you all have fun going back to school this week . Love Connor.  
 So the first picture is when me and my comp set the wall on fire using hand sanitizer and some matches. The other is the room where we watched conference when we were finished with it. 
This last picture is one I saw on Facebook, that another mom poster.  Love these unexpected pictures of my boy.

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