Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Birthday!

     This week was a pretty fantastic week!!! First off Dad was right, my comp has changes and I'm staying in my area. I'm pretty excited to see who my new comp is and hope that he is going to be a good worker, who can help me out a little bit more in the work. My comp was pretty sure that he was going to leave this week so he wanted to work super hard this week. So every week the assistants have a ton of contacts which I only know because I'm their district leader and they have to give me their dats every night. So this week my comp had the goal to beat the assistants in contacts because he really wanted to win. So anyway we went crazy contacting this week and got like 400 contacts this week which is crazy high, and whats even crazier is that we had a lot of lessons too. Anyway it was a fantastic week and we had a lot of succuess. 
     Monday we just played soccer like always. Tuesday was pretty normal and nothing really happened. No I'm just kidding. So first off my comp surprised me in the District counsel by buying us all pizza from Pizza Hut. It was really good and very nice of him. After that we went and worked like a normal day until about seven thirty when we went and had a special birthday dinner with the Estacuys, which are is by far my favorite family I've met on the mission. They made a really nice dinner and bought me a cake. Then they made me a present which was awesome. I think I've already told you about how they all call me Wall-ee so they made me this Wall-ee made out of paper with a little Book of Mormon in his hands and a tie on. It was so cool and I'm going to send you a picture. Yes, I did get my face shoved in the cake which was super fun. (Apparently this is a birthday tradition in Guatemala).  Wednesday I went on divisions and Thursday too. They both went really well and I was able to learn so much from the other elders in my zone. Saturday and Sunday were pretty slow. I don't really know what happened but we didn't have many lessons which sucked but oh well. Sunday was fast Sunday for us too which was really fun. Chase proud of you for going until dinner now you got to start fasting the entire 24 hours and tell me how that goes.

I didn't get my packages from you but what ever. I did get the one from Grandma right on time but I'm still waiting on the ones from you guys. No we don't have to do our own laundry, thank heavens, we pay a member to clean it. Anyway I think that's it for this week. Love you guys a ton. Love Connor
                                                       Birthday Pictures

Elder Hart
Elder Ngungutau

Familia Estacuy 

So quick story the other day the Jehovah Witnesses were passing by knocking the doors by our house. My comp got all sorts of excited because he's wanted to argue with the Jehovah witnesses for a very long time. He put all those pictures on the outside of our door and then they didn't knock so he was a little disappointed but it was really funny how excited he got. 

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