Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

     We had a really good week this week. It was super hot and it isn't raining anymore which really sucks because I really like it when it rains. I enjoy working in the rain one because its not as hot and two because the people feel bad for us and invite us into their homes.  Monday we had a zone Pday and ate pizza and played soccer all day. It was really fun. Highlight of the week was going on divis in Barbe!! I got to see a ton of people that I worked with like Ronald and got to see some of my converts and talk to a member thats going to leave on a mission in two weeks and it was just a great day and I loved ever minute of it. The rest of the week went really well. We've been trying to work more in an Aldea. It's close to our area but we can only go there with a member because about 2 and a half years ago a missionary got a member pregnant and so we can only go with two members that president has assigned us but we've been seeing miracles there. We have a family of two old people that came to church and already know a ton of members. They're  names are Timoteo and Carmelina and they're really awesome. My comp is doing great. He has a big heart and loves to help the people and learn. He's really progressing as a missionary and its awesome to see him grow. I almost had to speak again in Sacrament meeting but luckily the speaker showed up at the last minute. Sounds like you guys are keeping pretty busy now that school is ending. Love you all a ton. Love Connor

                                               My mango and me and my comp

Mother's Day

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