Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

     Alright well this is it only six emails left and then I'll be home, that's a crazy thought right? But anywho we had a really great week this week. President decided that it was going to be urgency week and set a bunch of high goals for us to achieve. We were able to make most of them but not all of them. Tomorrow are the changes and obviously I don't have changes of my comp but Elder Fisher is leaving which is sad but Elder Galicia is coming to the zone which will be awesome. This week we saw some miracles with some of our investigators. Two of them Timoteo and Carmelina are this cute old couple that have been coming to church for the past  two weeks and they love it. We'll be working to get them married and baptised this 18th of June and then the other family is Jose Carlos and Carla, who are the husband and step daughter of a member. We're going to be working to get them married and baptized the 25th of June. Jose Carlos is a cop which makes it really hard to teach him sometimes because he's only here every other week but his wife has been helping us out by sending him pictures of the folletos so he can read them while he's at work. We had this crazy member leaving with us this week and that has been really interesting but he's the only member that will leave with us so I'll take what I can get. So fun story this week. We had to go into the capital to get my comps visa signed and all taken care of so we had to get up super early and head into the capital. By the time we got off the bus I had to go to the bathroom so bad I could barley keep it in, so we ran straight to a McDonalds and the bathroom was occupied. By this point I was 100% sure I was going to crap my pants. The guy in the bathroom took forever and by this point I was considering just going in one of the urinals but by some miracle I was able to hold it in and make it to the bathroom. Apart from that things were pretty normal this week. We went to Barbe last p-day to say goodbye to a member that is going on his mission tomorrow but he never showed up so I just had to call him to say goodbye.  Love you all. Love Connor

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