Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7 2016

Well its been a pretty normal week really, nothing special happened. Monday we had to stay in our area all day because they came to put a new smoke detector in our house so we couldn't leave the area. We did get our hair cut and then my comp cleaned the house while I slept and then we bought lunch and then went back home and slept some more. I've found that as the time continues to pass I just get more and more tired but its all good because I'm still working super hard. This week we lost contact with one of our investigators because he lost his phone and every time that we went to look for him he wasn't home so we couldn't find him until Saturday. He's doing good. We made plans to go with him and his wife this week to get all the papers they need to be married and baptized. They're this older couple, like 60 years old and they love the church and they're just awesome. We also found our other investigator that's progressing really well, He's a cop so its hard to teach him but he's been reading the material we give him and he's learning a lot. Unfortunately none of them could come to church Sunday and the chapel was really empty which was sad but that's what happens some times. Next week is District Conference and we're hoping that lots of people will come to that. Love you all. Love Connor 

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