Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

     Ok Mom you got me and I'm not sure how you can always tell this kind of stuff. Its kind of creepy. (In my email to Con, I told him I'd had a feeling this last week that he'd been sick and was praying for him) But its not anything serious. I had some parasites again but I've got them all taken care of and I was suffering from a sinus infection because you know that they love to get me. On top of that I got a cold because its been raining a lot and I got wet one day. Today I went to and Ear Nose and Throat doctor and they shoved this nasty camera up my nose and I got to see the inside of my nose, which was pretty cool. They gave me a ton of medicine and I promise I'm doing good now. But apart from that we didn't really have anything fun happen. Its been raining a lot like every day and I didn't want to get wet again so we didn't really get a ton done some days because of that but we were able to visit some of our most important fechas and they're doing really well. Please pray for Timoteo, Carmelina and Juan Carlos and Carla. They are our investigators that will probably be baptized in June. We had district conference this week which was a lot of fun because I got to see President and Hermana Caffaro and because I got to see a bunch of members from Barberena. Sunday night it rained super hard for like an hour and all the rivers in my area were huge and we saw a giant crab in the street that had snuck into some guys house. We had a family that gave us like 50 mangoes so these last couple days I've been eating a ton of mangoes but that's ok with me.  Hope you guys have a great week and love you!! Love Connor

So I know I haven't sent pictures for like 2 weeks so I made sure to take some this week. The first one is all the mangoes and the second is the crab we saw and the third is a giant onsie that I found in a paca for Q10.

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