Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

     This week was  a pretty crazy week and a really full one. Monday we went to the border again because there were lots of new missionaries that wanted to go. We got back pretty early and just messed around here in our area. Tuesday I had my last interview with President. I went into the capital with another missionary that is finishing his mission with me. The interviews were pretty long but really good. President gave me lots of advise on what I have to do after the mission to keep my self on the right path and to continue progressing without problems. We got back pretty late that day and it was kind of hard for me to focus because it finally hit me that its all coming to an end and there's only one week left. Wednesday was the first normal day of the week and we took the opportunity to head to an aldea we had never gone to. Thursday was pretty normal. We did have to go to Barbe in the morning to get another parasite test because my boo doesn't want to go away and it turns out I have another parasite. Its really bugging me because I don't know why, I eat good and I'm careful but it doesn't matter too much. Friday was an absolutely crazy day. First off we saw and touched a raccoon, which an investigator has as a pet and then we saw/heard this guy try to kill himself. We were just walking down the street and I saw this guy up on his roof and some people talking to him underneath. We turned up a street when we heard this huge thump and a bunch of people started screaming. Turns out he didn't die but hes in serious condition. Saturday was another normal day and Sunday was really slow. There was this super annoying kid sitting next to us at church that kept saying terrible things during the testimonies. Please keep praying for Carmelina. We're going to try to baptize her again this week end and we hope that this time everything goes over smoothly.  Love You all a ton. Love Connor

I forgot to tell you that on Saturday we had a grill with the Elders Quorum. We ate a ton of food. They bought 10 pounds of meat and there were only 9 people that showed up so we had to eat a pound of meat each. It was really good!

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