Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A little extra

We didn't get an email from Con this week, but we know he is in the mission.  We are anxiously waiting to hear where he is serving and who his comp is.  I did get a letter today so I thought I'd share that instead.
  Hey I forgot to tell you about fast Sunday.  It was pretty rough.  This was the first time I've ever fasted 24 hours and it was hard.  It didn't help at all that our meals times were replaced with personal study so all we could do was sit outside and read scriptures and think about the food we couldn't eat. My meals here at the CCM are numbered.  Only a couple more and then it's rice, beans, and eggs for the next two years.  I'll probably get really skinny by the time I get home.  President Cox was telling us all about kids on his mission in Mexico that lost a ton of weight.  Hope that happens to me because I've gotten pretty fat during my time in the CCM.  I want you guy to know that the first two weeks here were really hard.  I was really beating myself up about the language and just wondered if I was really  where the Lord needed me to be.  I wanted so bad to change to an English speaking mission those weeks, but now I know without a doubt this is where the Lord needs me to be and he's going to bless me.  I'm sure you guys are receiving blessings as well and I can't wait to hear about them.  I FINALLY GOT TO BE OUTSIDE WHEN IT RAINED!!!  It rains here all the time and I know I've told you all that like thousand times but today.  I was finally able to be outside when it happened.  I was completely soaked and probably one of the happiest missionaries in the world.  Love, Connor

Just got this with a short email, saying he was at the mission home yesterday. This is President and Sister Caffaro with Con.  

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