Monday, September 29, 2014

First Baptism

     Alrighty, this week has been pretty good. To answer some of your questions I'm walking all day and it's a ton of walking. It always seems like we'll have one appointment on one side of our area and then the next one is one the other side of the town so we walk all over the place. My feet were hurting me really bad a little bit earlier in the week but they're all good now. Mom, we got to the area on a bus and let me tell you those buses are scary as crap. They go crazy fast and the roads are pretty curvy here. But the worst part is that they do a lot of passing no matter where it is. We had the bus passing semi trucks right before a corner so you didn't even know if someone was coming the other way. It's the same with all the little vans that take us to other cities that are close by for district meetings and other things. I got to go in divisions this week with a Latino Elder.  He is 26 and not a super good missionary. We wasted a lot of time and I was so happy to get back to my comp. We get along really well and haven't had any problems with anything. He's a really good teacher and I'm learning a lot form him. So one thing that was a culture shock this week was seeing a ton of people breastfeeding. They just do it out in the open here and there are a lot of people doing it. We had two ladies breastfeeding while we were teaching a lesson which was so weird and then to top it off one of the kids was running around naked. So I figured out my companion is terrified of rats and so I'm already thinking about pulling some pranks and such on him. We have electricity most of the time but twice this week. It went out for a couple hours which made it really hard to study and get our planning done. We have plenty of running water but its all cold which is okay because its always super hot here. Mom my shirts just have really dirty collars everyday but the lady who does our laundry is really good and they come back super clean so no I don't need any new ones. It rained everyday this week and that sucks because they don't have any sort of drainage system so the roads turn into rivers when it rains. It also makes it really hard to find people to teach and get into houses when its raining. Fast Sunday was pretty good. I bore my testimony in the ward and didn't fall asleep which was a win because I'm always tired. I got to baptize Kevin this week which was really cool. I was a little bit nervous because as you can see he's a big kid and I was worried I wouldn't be able to lift him back up but turns out I didn't need to worry about that because the moment he went under water he totally freaked out and started flailing around. Swim lessons paid off right there because I was able to dunk him all the way under and not have to worry too much. Mom hand written letters are great and no I haven't got any since I entered the mission field. I love you guys a ton and Ill try to get pictures of the area for you next week.  We use a internet cafe to email, which is owned by a member which we didn't know but is nice because she doesn't make us pay. I mostly drink water out of a filtered water bottle they gave us in the CCM. Elder Mann was not in the area before, we were both new here. I haven't used the ointment yet but I have had a ton of bug bites. They really seem to love me. Yes we pay the branch president for our food. It's 800 quets a month and laundry is 100 a month. I got the sunglasses but I haven't worn them yet. Love to hear form you and I hope everything is going well. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming I can definitely use them  Love Connor

This is my first baptism.His name is Kevin and hes 13 years old.

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