Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference in English, thank goodness

     Alright, so many questions where to start? Yes, I got to watch conference and it was in English which was really really good because if it wasn't I would have just had a lot of napping time. We went to a town called Jutiapa to watch all the day time sessions with all the other gringos form our district and Sunday we watched priesthood session w in the secretaries office here in Mita. The talks were all so good and I learned a ton of things. It was really cool that so many people got to speak in there native languages for the conference. We watched the ones in Spanish in Spanish and I didn't get very much form them but I'm sure they were good. Mom we were able to baptize so fast because Kevin was pretty much been taught everything by the other Elders. Right now we have a guy that's going to get baptized some time next week and he's probably my favorite because he's super ready. I'm so happy to hear the USU beat BYU because my comp is a BYU fan and has a year of college there. Okay I have a question for you guys. Are the trees really that green still? All the video from the conference center had showed all the trees super green and it blew my mind a little bit. 

Okay I have to tell you about my last P-day a little bit. We went to a little town called Catocha and played ultimate Frisbee. It was super fun but to get there you have to a 16 passenger van and there were 30 people crammed in there. We had to stand up in the trunk for like the first 15 minutes. 'its crazy how many people you can fit in a van when it means money. Also the average minivan here is actually a motorcycle. The record I've seen is 5 people on one motorcycle and its usually a family complete with a baby. We had a couple encounters with crazy drunk people this week which was fun and a little bit tricky to get out of but we managed. 

    Mom I got your package with the ring and all that other stuff which was great. The ring fits perfectly and all the food was amazing. I got another one of your letters and the package that Marianne sent me which was also super amazing. Loved the peanut butter.  I love you guys so much and love hearing from you. 

     District meeting is every week and we all have to go to a different town and talk about our goals and how our last week went, then we talk about how we can improve and then go home. It's lots of fun.  I love you guys so much and love hearing from you. Love Connor

Me after playing Ultimate Frisbee
                                                       View from the roof of our house

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