Monday, October 20, 2014

Rough week

     Mom your prayers have been answered and against all odds, I have gained weight. I got on a scale last week and it said I weighed 160 which is like 20 more pounds then when I left. I hope you're happy. Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun week what with park city and all. Mom, I would send more pictures but I can't take my camera out on the street because its dangerous for people to see that I have one. I'll work on taking more in my apartment and other times.   I don't have any this week, sorry but I should have a bunch next week. 

     This week was kind of rough. It seemed like every single thing we had planned would always fall through. We have a ton of first lessons but then we can never find anybody for a second lesson. Because of this, we don't really have a ton of progressing investigators. We have one guy who is hopefully going to be baptized this weekend but he has to stop smoking first. I got to go on splits with the zone leaders, which was fun because their area is much cooler than ours and the Elder I went with is an amazing missionary, Elder Wilcock.
      Sunday, was really good though church was normal but then after we worked hard and found some really good investigators that I'm really excited about. Daily schedule is  up at 6;30, exercise for 30 minutes then we shower and eat breakfast.   At 8 we start studies and study until 12 which is a long time but I don't mind it. Then we leave and work for an hour and a half then lunch at 1:30 for about 45 minutes, then we work the rest of the day contacting and teaching lessons until 8;30 when we go to dinner. We get home around 9:30, plan, then get ready for bed. We go to sleep at 10:30, of course.

      I love getting pictures.   No, I haven't done a ton of service. No mosquito netting, thank goodness but we might have to soon.   We have fans going all night and I'm good with out the quotes and stuff. I don't know if you would be able to send this but there are a few things I need and I could buy here but I would have to go to the capital which won't happen until February. I need soft back scriptures with tabs in Spanish and a mini preach my gospel also in Spanish. I have these massive scriptures right now that they gave us in the CCM and they weigh a ton.  I was thinking maybe you could send them with the Turners if they come and then have them drop them off in the mission office, but I don't know. Other than that everything is great  I forgot to answer your question about my ring.  I wear it on that finger because it fits best there, no other reason thank you very much. Love you guys and I wanted to tell you we're teaching an English teacher so that's fun. It seems like every other person we talk to has been to the U.S. but when they can make in an hour what people make in day, I don't blame them. 

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