Monday, October 27, 2014

Major Hike

     This was  a much better week.  You didn't tell me Blake came home last week but Shelby did so I knew. That's crazy that he only had 3 native companions. From what I've heard of our mission it's really rare that two gringos are together. So last p-day was amazing. We climbed this mountain called the Pedrona and it was easily the hardest hike I've ever been on. I think I sent you some pictures of it but I'm not sure. It was pretty much straight up for three hours and then at the top you couldn't even see anything because you were in the clouds. It tooks us two more hours to get back down and by the time we got back, I was covered in mud and my shoes were completely black.  
      We had much more success this week what with a baptism and all. We had a lot of lessons with a member because there are these two 14 year old kids that love to leave with us and are super dedicated to reactivating the youth in the ward because there are only like 4 young men, all 14 years old. The baptism on Saturday was amazing. The young women offered to plan the whole thing, so it turned out really good. They had food, a musical number and everything. They even passed a card around for all the members to sign and when we visited him yesterday, he had the card hanging up on the his wall..   In the pictures, he's the one right next to me and the other Latino is the guy who baptized him.   His name is Walter and he's the Elders quorum president. Jose is the name of the guy and he was super happy after the baptism and that made me super happy, of course.
      It rained like crazy this week, like more in two days than I've ever seen. There was one day we had to walk in rivers up to my ankles because the roads were so wet. It's starting to cool off here as well. I'm getting a little bit cold at nights and the cold showers are not nearly as enjoyable. Also, we've had a roach problem lately which is fun because you get to be surprised by all these really big roaches everywhere. 
     So the miracle of the week was with one of our investigators named Alejandra. She's the wife of the ward mission leader and we had been teaching her for a while and trying to set a baptism date but she was nervous about what her family would think, so she kept telling us she needed to talk with her mom. Then she started canceling all our appointments so we figured she was avoiding us and we were starting to loose faith.   Then last night we finally got a lesson with her and she said she had decided to be baptized Nov. 16. I was so happy!!! I'm still smiling about it. Then her husband told us that in his patriarchal blessing it said he would marry a non member but he would teach her the gospel and she would be baptized one day.It was such a cool experience. 
      (This paragraph is Con's answers to all our questions) My clothes still fit fine, mom. Cultural thing is is that people just drop their trash wherever they want. There's garbage all over the place here. I had one hair cut and its pretty normal except they shave your sideburns and neck with a straight edge razor. We don't really do family home evenings with the members only one time. Elder Wilcock was just an awesome missionary and his area was awesome because it has a hot shower, better weather and some great members. Changes are every 6 weeks but we usually only change comps every 3 or 6 months so we only go to the meetings when we have changes.  Spanish is coming good.  This week I had a lot of ward members comment on how far I've come since I've been here. We don't have a lot of time to study, which makes it harder but just hearing it helps a ton.  I haven't dreamed in Spanish that I can remember and how the heck am I supposed to be sarcastic over email, its all in the tone of voice. I love you all. Love Connor

                                      Elder Wilcock Elder Searle Elder Mann Elder Zuniga

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