Monday, November 3, 2014

Dia de Muertos

     It has been a pretty good week. It was a little bit sad to miss Halloween because nobody really celebrates that here.   I kept forgetting that it was Halloween and then I would remember and be sad all over again. The Day of the Dead was pretty cool though. We got to go to the Cemetery Thursday or Friday, I can't remember, to help a member paint the grave of his father in law. The graves here are all above ground and are these huge stone boxes with usually two or three or more people inside of them. Everyone paints the graves for the day of the dead, so it did look super cool because they paint them all sorts of bright fun colors.   Mom you would have loved to see it.
      I have seen the kids flying kites. Its gotten really windy this week, so there have been quite a few of them. The kids are freakin pros too.  They can get the kites up super high. They're just these tiny little specks in the sky and what's more impressive is that to get them up there they have to thread the kites through a ton of dialectical wires and all that. I see kids quite a lot but most of them are pretty shy and don't really talk to us that much.  
    The Spanish is going well. I can understand pretty much everything and now just need to work on speaking up more. I don't have to pay to get packages.  They go to the mission office and then the zone leaders get them through the pouch every week and give them to us at district meeting. We try to work with the branch members a lot but its hard because they're always working and can't leave with us which is frustrating but I guess they have to make a living.
      I've tried some new foods I guess. We eat these things called papusas a lot which is pretty much two tortillas with cheese and beans or this stuff called chicharon in it.   They're really good though. I had some pumpkin stuff the other day that was really good but other than that the food isn't that weird, Mostly rice, beans, and eggs. The dogs here don't really bother people so I haven't been chased and if they do get mean all you have to do is pretend to pick up a rock and they run for it.
      This week we had a lot of first lessons. For some reason almost everyday of our schedule was completely empty, so we did a lot of tracting and found some new investigators so this week is looking better. The weekend was pretty rough because everyone was in the cemeteries so we couldn't leave with members and no one was home anyway so it didn't really matter. Dad, I pray a ton for every meal and in every lesson and before we leave and after we get back and before every study session so ya, its a ton. I love you guys all so much and hope you have an awesome month. Mom Happy Birthday.   I sent you a birthday letter a couple weeks ago, hope it gets there. One weird thing about here is that they sing happy birthday in English.   T
   The crocodile is from last week when we hiked the mountain. It's just some random crocodile living in a tiny village, so we went to see it and I got to touch pretty cool if I do say so myself.

                                            With my companion

   My shoes after the hike.  They were wrecked but I've cleaned them and now they're as good as new. I think were going to the border today, finally, so 'Ill send you some pictures of El Salvador next week.

  This one is of me and my comp and then the companionship that shares the branch with us. the Latino elder left this week and now we have a new one. Elder Chunga Elder Warth Elder Mann

 These are some pictures of our apartment just so you can see where I'm living. No pictures of the bathroom which I know you really wanted to see but my comp was showering when these were taken so ya
hat threw me off guard. Anyway love you all. Love Connor

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