Monday, November 10, 2014

Trip to El Salvador border

      Mom I did get your package this week which was awesome. Thank you for the life time supply of peanut butter but I don't really have anything to eat it with so don't send me anymore until I ask for it please. The candy was fantastic and I loved it. I shared all of it with my comp and the Utah State shirt was the best part. I've been meaning to ask you for one but it looks like you know me pretty well so Ï didn't have too. While I'm thinking about i,t if you could still send it, I could use a water proof bag to put my scriptures in so they wont get ruined. 

     To answer your questions first, its not raining nearly as much. I don't think its rained in a week, which is really nice. The people here are really nice.   Right now we have a couple investigators we're really working with. One is an English teacher, so he really likes to talk with us in English which I'm not going to complain about. The other has a baptism date for the 29th and lives clear out in the middle of nowhere but shes really nice. The other is named ? We don't know what to think. She's not sure she wants to be baptized but then she came to church on Sunday, so we don't really know whats going on there. The people here are really nice. Almost everyone is willing to talk to us because we're teaching the word of God so they'll listen. That's probably the hardest thing here, everyone just says there's one God and it doesn't matter what church you go to as long as you believe in him. Its a pain. Bearing testimony isn't too bad because its one of the first things we learned how to do in the CCM so I'm pretty good at it by now.  
     Breakfast this week was cereal every day. Sundays are just like every other day. We leave and pick people up for church. Then we go to church, study for an hour after, go to lunch and then work like any other day. My favorite person is this convert named Marcos. He got baptized like 2 weeks ago but he's amazing. He always has a ton of references for us and he practically teaches the gospel doctrine class. Our miracle of the week was thanks to him too. Yesterday we were just walking around contacting people and he called us and said he wanted us to come teach someone in his family, the cousin of his wife I think. Anyway we went and she's super promising because she had been taking lessons from missionaries in the US and then had to move back here and now were going to teach her and I'm sure she'll get baptized soon. 

     Weird culture thing is that they're already listening to Christmas music here. They don't have a holiday between Christmas and Halloween so they just jump right in.  Dad, I read a lot and only read the BOM and PMG in Spanish. Everything is going well here, mom I don't have a stove just a hot plate. I love you and hope everything is going well and it snows soon. Love Connor.

P.S. Mom in your letter you said I better be using Bug spray. The truth is I haven't used it once and nobody in the mission does and I don't get that many bites.

         Elder Valladares Elder Solorzano Elder Zunago Elder Mendez Elder Mann Elder Harris
                      Elder Valladares Elder Solorzano Elder Zunago Elder Mendez Elder Mann Elder Harris

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