Monday, November 17, 2014

Interesting Week

Okay so I know I've gained a little weight but did you really have to send me an XL Aggie shirt. I'm not that fat!!!

     This week has turned out to be pretty darn interesting. It started off with an pretty normal day Tuesday. I don't think anything happened that day. But then Wednesday is when things started getting interesting. I had to go on divisions again so that we could have the interview for Alejandra. It was the biggest waste of time. We went to this tiny little town and we were there for 3 hours had one lesson and 0 contacts.  The next interesting thing that happened was Thursday.   We were in this house of Evangelivos and asked if any of them could offer the closing prayer. This one lady said she would and then went around blessing every single person there like touching their heads and then putting her hands all over their bodies. It was so weird and she tried to touch me but she had her eyes closed so it was easy to avoid her. Then on Sunday our lunch was an entire fish, which freaked me out a little but I ate everything but the brain and eyes, I just couldn't do that but i did eat the guts. We had our baptism Saturday, which was good she had to be baptized twice because she came out of the water and her husband said the prayer wrong. The other missionaries had a baptism too and they had to baptism her like 7 times because her dress kept coming out of the water. 

     I got a letter from you this week mom, it was pretty old though. I think you wrote it the 30 of September.  My companion is great, we get along really well except for the fact that hes a BYU fan but what ever. There are too many tender mercies to count.  The temperature going down is probably the biggest one though. Last P-day we went to Jutiapa and played soccer with a bunch of members and other missionaries. We also went to Wendy's and a place called Mega Paca which is pretty much D.I. and we're pretty sure they do get most their clothes form DIs in the Utah because we found a ton of BYU, Utah, and USU shirts there along with shirts form High Schools in Utah. 

     We're going to Jutiapa again but we're playing basketball today. Basketball is fun mostly because the Latinos are terrible, so we destroy it. The other elders are our entire zone Yes, I know how much you love me and we can only listen to hymns and mo-tab which is a new rule that the president just put in.  He's a lot more strict than the last president from what I've heard.
     I'ts been a fantastic time and I love being here. The Spanish is much better.  I had to give a talk yesterday with 0 notice and 0 time to prepare and was able to give about a 5 minute talk on faith that was pretty good. I love you guys so much and hope things are going well and that you're enjoying the snow. The weather is amazing here. Connor

                                               The lady is Alejandra and her husband Willian

                                              Elder Mann Willian Alejandra 
                                                        This is the fish I had to eat.

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