Monday, November 24, 2014


     This has been a pretty good week. Monday we went to Jutiapa again to play futbol
with the other missionaries and members. We were actually planning on playing
basketball but then all the Latinos started playing soccer so we had to play that for
awhile. For the most part the Latinos kill us in soccer because we play on a team full
of Gringos. We did play a little bit of basketball though and we were able to repay
them because all the Latinos are terrible at basketball.   Some of them are pretty good
 at dribbling and ball handling but when it comes to shooting they're all terrible. So we
killed them like 40 to 0 which was pretty fun.
     Tuesday was super stressful because we had divisions with the zone leaders and
it was the first time I had to stay in our area and Elder Mann left. I was super nervous
because obviously I was now in charge of the area and with a Elder from Nicaragua who
speaks very little English. There was no need to be nervous though, our zone leaders
are super chill and we had a really good day. Other than that nothing really happened
this week. We almost had more divisions with the district leader which would have
meant that I would have stayed in our area with elder  which would have been bad
 because I probably would have ended up killing him. Other than that we set a fecha
(lesson) with a guy named Nerry this week. He seems like he wants to get baptized
but wants an answer from the Lord first which is fine by me. Its going to be hard to
teach him though because he works everyday but Sunday.

     For Christmas I'm not sure what will end up happening. I want to skype you guys but
I'm not sure I'll be able to. I do know that we will be able to talk for an hour but thats
about it. My feet don't hurt very often sometimes when we've been standing for a long
time. They hurt a little bit but its really not very much. I drink a ton of juice. They make
juice for every meal and its soooo good. I drink a ton of it at lunch and dinner. I drink
soda sometimes, A ton of people drink coke here and fanta too, Then there are a
bunch of sodas made in Guatemala, which are really cheap. Favorite scripture is the
last verse of Matthew, its really good. I don't think I'll need a jacket. Its been super hot
again this week so I've been melting again. Our gospel principles class this week was
on the gathering of Israel which was interesting and I learned quite a bit there. I have
plenty of money I mostly spend it on transportation and breakfast but sometimes I'll buy
snacks and stuff too.  Love Connor

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