Monday, December 1, 2014


    This week has been pretty frustrating. We are teaching tons of lessons, like over thirty a week, which is the best of our district if not the zone but we have almost 0 progressing investigators. We have one that loves to read the Book of Mormon and everything, but she won't come to church or accept a baptism fecha. Other than that, we don't have anybody progressing and we don't know what we need to do differently to find people who will accept us.  To answer the questions, Yes the lady from last week is the ward mission leader's wife. For snacks, I usually buy a little pack of cookies that cost 1Q, which is super cheap.  The snacks that are made here in Central America are super cheap, which is awesome because they taste really good too. Funniest thing that happened this week was when we were going back from lunch this drunk guy started talking to us. He's the neighbor of the other missionaries and one of the other missionaries is really quiet and doesn't talk much, so the guy kept asking him if he was gay. The elder was super upset but he got over it. The drunk people here are kind of scary. You never know what they're going to do and they always want to talk to the gringos. People are always drunk here too. I don't know where they get the money to drink so much but I do know if they don't have enough money to buy real alcohol they just buy rubbing alcohol and drink that, which is really sad. There aren't any sisters in our area, there are two in our zone but their area is super far away from us. The weather this week week was not fun. It was super windy and it blew dust everywhere. There was always dust in my eyes and at night I got really cold which was terrible. It hardly ever rains anymore which is good and bad I guess.   love you all talk with you soon.  Hey I got the Christmas package you sent this week which was fun because I got it exactly one month before Christmas.   Love connor  

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