Monday, December 29, 2014


     Well I already pretty much told you about my Christmas but I guess Ill do it again because that's pretty much all that happened here this week. We couldn't really do much of anything the 24th or the 25th because nobody was going to want to receive us either of those days.   We spent most the day at the house of the president helping them prepare for Christmas by preparing food and washing dishes and all that sort of fun stuff. We also visited a bunch of members and they all gave us a ton of food. I ate more sandwiches than I could count and though I was going to throw up by the end of the night.  I was so full. At midnight on the 24th everyone shot off fireworks. We went up on our roof to watch them and it was so cool. There were fireworks going off in the sky where ever you looked and it sounded like we were in a war zone with all the firecrackers going off. Christmas was a pretty good day, obviously there wasn't much we could do because everyone was either sleeping or super drunk. We played a lot of uno and visited a recent convert to celebrate a birthday with them. Talking to you guys was fantastic and I only cried when I bore my testimony, which is going pretty good if I do say so myself.
      On Friday, we had divisions with the district leader because the other elders needed interviews done. I stayed in the area and it was a pretty rough day but hey it happens. Sunday we had zero percent retention again and I don't know what we can do because the recent converts that have testimonies can't come to church because of work or brand new babies and the rest don't have testimonies and in all honesty should not have been baptized but what ever.

     I didn't give any gifts only shared everything I got with my comp and the other missionaries. As for gifts received we all got socks from the family we eat with and then all the food from the other people. New Years is going to be a lot like Christmas everyone is going to party and stay out super late the 31st and then most of them will be super drunk the 1st or sleeping all day so its going to be a little hard to get lessons and all that jazz.  The coolest tradition was easily the fireworks at midnight, there aren't any restrictions here so there were some pretty sweet fireworks. 

     Google translate very rarely works correctly. Hermana Caffaro always uses it to send the Latinos messages for their birthdays and stuff and the messages are almost always messed up but still understandable. Anyway Roxana was very happy to receive that message from you and showed it to me and everything. Some sad news is that Hermana Roxana is feeling a little stressed lately so she is going to take a break from cooking for us and we have to find a new place to eat before the 1st which is going to prove a little bit difficult. I hope you guys enjoy your break and get lots of skiing in for me. Love you all a ton. Love Connor

                                                       Helping prepare dinner
                                                       With Elder Prestwich

              This is with Sister de Ruano who was cooking for them and Elder Simoni

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