Monday, December 8, 2014

Fantastic Week

     It has been a fantastic week and I have so much to tell you guys. First off, we finally had some investigators in church which was so nice after not having any for so long. We had 6 investigators come which is a crazy high amount.I think God was just testing our faith and since we proved faithful he decided to bless us. Right now we have 2 baptism fechas but are going to place many more this week. One of the guys we have a fecha with is named Jose but I call him Bob because hes got dreads down past his butt. He's like 50 and super weird but he always reads the pamphlets and remembers everything. He went to church with us this week and we got a lot of really weird looks from the members when we walked in. The other fecha is a guy named Santos.   He's a little bit slower but I think he can make it. The other awesome investigator that we had in church is the husband of a member.   We contacted her on the street and she told us she was baptized in El Salvador and moved here 4 months ago. We taught her family one time and I didn't expect either of them to come to church but they both showed up and then they came to the Christmas devotional too. It was amazing.   The guy has a drinking problem which is super common here in Guatemala. 
     I don't know if you guys have seen the He is the Gift video that the church has made but if you haven't you have to watch it. They're making us use it in our contacts and we're watching it with our investigators and members. The Church has put a ton of money into this, it's playing 24/7 in time square and it was the main video on Youtube yesterday.  It's super powerful and I've watched it like 20 times. I got a Christmas package from Grandma and the Mikesells this week which means I now have four. I already opened Grandmas because I was curious about the shirt which you will see in the pictures. Changes are Wednesday but neither me or my comp is having changes so we have at least 6 more weeks together and then I think he'll probably leave.
      Anyway its been a fantastic week and I haven't been cold this week at all, so that's good and don't worry about sending me a sweater.   I can buy one here if I need it. All the clothing stores are second hand US stuff anyway. .Strangest thing I saw was probably this tradition they have in Guatemala where they all burn Devil pinatas on the 7th of December.  My favorite spiritual moment was Sunday in fast and testimony meeting. One of the members is getting sealed next Saturyday and she got up and talked about that and it was super spiritual.   Love you all and hope your having lots of fun. Love Connor

                                              Sweet gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

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