Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas (and lot's of pictures)

Whoo what a week.  Okay this week was even crazier than last week but all fun stuff so dont worry.  First, we did a service project on Tuesday. So what we did is as a zone we went to an old people's home and played games with them and put up a Christmas tree and sang songs and did talents and all that sort of fun stuff. Some of the old people were super funny and it was a great service project. We also had to get them a gift and that was pretty hard because I have no clue what you could get an old person that can't do or eat anything. It was very hard but we did it somehow.  Wednesday, we had our zone conference with the president and some other dude.  They talked to us about all sorts of stuff they want us to do to have more success and so I've been trying to put that into practice this week. After they talked to us, we watched a movie, the work and the glory, It was a pretty good movie and I liked it a lot but we all wanted to watch meet the mormons but I guess president couldn't get a copy to show to us. After the movie we had an awesome lunch.   I think It was made by the people who cook all the food for the CCM. After that we listened to president again.  He talked about the love of Christ and It was an awesome talk. Then we watched a video that he had made with all of us in it and a silly video of him and sister caffaro dancing. Thursday and Friday were pretty normal. Thursday we gave service cleaning the ceilings of one of the members.Friday nothing fun happened. 
     Then Saturday was the ward activity and that was easily the highlight of the week. They went to the volcano Ipala which is this lake in the cone of a volcano and as you can see from the pictures its amazingly beautiful. We were really lucky we could go because its not in our mission but president gave us permission and it was amazing. As you can probably tell I spent most of my time with Elder Prestwitch because our comps were being party poopers, so we did a lot of stuff together. The picture of the rock is when we went to the rock of love together, cute right? After that we just hiked around the lake and found this cool platform that overlooked the entire valley and took awesome pictures there. Then after lunch we just hung our with all the members and converts on the bank of the lake. It was awesome and pretty much another p-day.
      Okay to answer your questions I do think Ill leave the area this next change because president usually doesn't leave people in one area too long. I only took out the stocking and the tree and have no clue what the rest of it is. I share all the candy with the kids and the other missionaries.   I haven't gotten the package form the Turners yet but I assume I'll get it today . In Guatemala, they celebrate more on the 24th than on the 25th and at midnight on the 24th they all shoot off fireworks.   I've heard its really cool and can't wait to see it. Well that's all for this week talk to you guys Thursday. Love you all Love Connor. 

                                                      at the old folk's home
                                             with President and Sister Caffaro
                                                      Elder Simoni Elder Solorzano

                                                                 Ward Members
                                                             Elder Prestwich

                                             Elder Solorzano Elder Prestwich Elder Simoni

                                                              love rock

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