Monday, December 15, 2014

Changes = sleepwalking companion

     This week was super crazy. So remember how last week I told you about how neither me or Elder Mann had changes?   Ya well that all changed Monday night. At 7 pm, the zone leaders called us and said that Elder Mann was going to have changes because some other companionship had problems that day. So we spent a couple of hours running around saying goodbye to as many members as we could. Then he had to pack which took a couple of hours and I decided I would stay up with him so I went to bed at like 12 am. Tuesday,  we woke up at 2:45 to make the 4 a.m. bus. The bus got to the capital much faster than we expected it to, so we got to hang out in the chapel where they do the changes for about 4 hours.   This was fun because we got to spend some time with the mission president and see  all the other missionaries as they got there. I got to see a bunch of kids from my CCM group which was fun. My new comp is from El Salvador and has 10 months in the mission. His name is Elder Simoni and I think we'll get along well. The fact that Elder Mann left means that right now I'm in charge of showing the area which has been very stressful, but its been a really good week.
      We had a ton of lessons and placed two fechas. I know its all thanks to the lord. Bob came to church again and so he's looking really good to be baptized the 27th. Deepest thoughts of the week was when we were walking home from dinner and talking about some pretty profound doctrine that is super secret and can't be talked about over email. No practical jokes but my new comp does sleep walk and I've woken up twice this week because he was either talking really loud or he's shaking me, so its pretty much like sharing a room with Chase again. We have quite a few investigators progressing which is always good. Love you all and can't wait to talk with you soon. I hope you're having a great Christmas. Love Connor
                           Elder Solorzano, Elder Warth, Elder Mann and Elder Wallace
                                                         Last day with Elder Mann
                                                              Awesome Christmas decor

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