Monday, October 13, 2014

Crazy Week

     This has been one crazy week. There wasn't one single day where I stayed in my Area. On Monday, we went and played soccer with a bunch of elders and members in Jutiapa and that was terrifying because I suck at soccer and those Latinos are really good. When they shoot the ball it goes at like a billion miles per hour. 

     On Tuesday, we had a zone conference where they told all of us that we're not doing good enough, which I think is true. The other districts and areas didn't have very good data so they told us to do better and gave us a list of goals and ways to accomplish them. They decided to have a competition between the two districts in our zone and who ever has better stats gets a trophy, which then goes to the companionship that did the best. We got it this week! I'll send you a picture. Also, we saw a rat in our apartment which made Elder Mann freak out and I think Its pretty funny but I'm still not happy about having a rat hiding somewhere. We haven't seen it since and hoping its left though.

     Wednesday, we had to go into the Capital to get my Visa taken care of which was lots of fun because I got to see a whole bunch of kids from my group and even some from my district that went to the other mission. It sucked because we had to wake up at 4 in the morning to make it to the capital on time and then didn't get back until like 6 so we didn't have anytime to work. I did get McDonalds though which made it totally worth it. 

     Thursday, we had Interviews with the President so we had to go to Jutiapa again and didn't get back until like 3 so another day where we didn't get to work very much. The President's wife gave us some homemade brownies so it was pretty awesome and it was good to see and talk to the president. 

     We thought Friday was going to be normal but then the District leader called and said he wanted to do divisions with us on Friday. So I had to go to Catocha and was there until Saturday morning. Then on Saturday we thought we had to go to stake conference meetings and would be gone the whole day but then we didn't go but we had nothing planned for the day so it was kind of rough on us. Sunday we did have Stake conference and that was really good and also in Jutiapa. On Sunday we got a text from a lady we had contacted and taught the day before asking what time our Church was at so we told her.  Then she sent a text that said Usted me gusta so obviously we won't be able to teach her ever again.

  The Language is coming good. I can understand pretty much everything that's said but I'm not very good at speaking. I know I need to try to talk more but its hard. The people are all super friendly here and always want to talk to us. Usually not about the gospel though. I've been healthy. I love the food we eat with the presidents family every lunch and dinner and pay them a 100 dollars a month for food. 

    So ya it was a pretty crazy week hope your all doing good.   Love you all anyway. Love Connor

This is a street view from our roof

                                                      Here's the awesome trophy we get for this week.

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